What every man should know

Of course, we are not interested in the general knowledge that every man who has a graduation or primary school should know. We have some special knowledge and skills that men in general, regardless of age, should govern and be equipped in relation to girls and women in general. It is especially about the ability to understand not just a simple female soul, once so romantic, and a second so pragmatically straightforward. And it is also about the ability of physically satisfying girls and women in relation to sexual life. Simply knowledge in an intimate area.
Specific cases
Knowledge of foreplay in a love act is necessary. Simply the art of a woman pleasantly tune to her own coitus, or penetration of a penis into the vagina, or mouth or anus. This is not enough, not even the knowledge of dozens of positions during the part. It is also necessary to know how to ring a girl when the penis fails, or just after the fourth repetition of the act is not in sufficient shape to fulfill the rest of its purpose.