Advertising at favourable prices

The company and its products, or services, need to be made visible. The best way is quality work, but it is often not enough, especially at the beginning. But investment in advertising can be very costly, and the result is often uncertain. Therefore, it is advisable, mostly for small start-ups, to choose such a style of promotion, which is effective, but not worth too much. One option is textile printing. So you can have the company logo on the fitments or let it be done for example on T-shirts, which you will then distribute.
Vodové are ecological
Classically, the printing of Plastisolic paints, which are very high quality, are used today. However, it has one catch, it is not used on synthetic fibres. If you have a synthetic fabric outfit and want to annotate it with a logo, inscription or any other graphic, choose a water-green color.